What is CMIS Replication Module?

CMIS Replication Module provides a replication module from CMIS repository to Hippo Repsitory. CMIS Replication Module reads documents from a dedicated (normally published) CMIS folder and upload the documents to a specified assets folder in Hippo Repository with CMIS metadata ( cmisreplication:objectId, cmisreplication:name, cmisreplication:createdBy, cmisreplication:creationDate, cmisreplication:lastModifiedBy, cmisreplication:lastModificationDate, etc. ).

Based on the metadata, CMIS Replication Module also synchronizes documents between CMIS Repository and Hippo Repository.

CMIS Replication Module consists of simple POJOs which can be assembled in Spring Application Context. So, CMIS Replication Module should be deployed with Spring Daemon Module and configured in Spring beans assemblies.

Note On Clustering

Note: The underlying Spring Daemon Module does not care any clustering issues by itself. So, if you need to run a daemon module for a scheduling job only in single cluster node, then you should configure the scheduler components properly. For example, you may choose Quartz scheduler component configuration with JDBC JobStore instead of copying & pasting the example shown in the examples.

Project status

See the forge project page for more info about the project itself.